I provide an inclusive and affirming space for folx yearning to: explore their gender and/or sexual identity, redefine intimacy in light of chronic illness, expand their relationships, and live more authentically.

Working out life's kinks through relationship and sex therapy for couples and other amorous configurations.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a queer Latina therapist who supports those on the margins as they explore the intricacies of sex and sexuality.

In addition to advanced training in sex and relationship therapy, I have a 12-year professional background in healthcare. I also have lived experience with chronic illness, sexual identity exploration and integration, coming out later in life, and parenting two LGBTQIA+ children.

I provide inclusive and affirming care for all gender and sexual identities, ethnicities, and lifestyles.

Please reach out. I would be honored to be the Virgil to your Dante.

I can help you get closer to the life you envision.

Hi, I'm Laura J. Brito (she/her)

as featured in:

You and your partner lovingly discussing how to expand your relationship. You feeling more at peace with your body and exploring new ways to spark desire. You comfortably navigating the dating scene and finding community. You feeling energized by your work, aligned with your purpose, and more present with your loved ones.

What if it looked like this instead:

When telling your story, what are the parts that you leave out? Is it that you’ve been partnered for years and suspect that, at the heart of your low-grade dissatisfaction, is a yearning to live and love as your authentic self but you don’t know how to broach it with your significant other? Or that you believe that your chronic illness has made sexual intimacy unattainable? How about that you came out later in life and no longer know where or how to belong? Or even that you’re a healer whose whole life was built around becoming this Mega-Helper, and now your cape feels more like a weighted mantle? 

Can I ask you a question - or two?