Gentle words from me to you, to help you love yourself. 

Love Notes to My Clients

Two feminine presenting partners stand together in the middle of a room, with backs to the viewer, as they smile at each other, noses almost touching. The partner with shoulder-length blonde hair stands on the right with their arms wrapped around their partner's waist. The partner on the left has dark, shaved hair, and holds herself in a standing position by wrapping her right arm around her partner's shoulders.

What Your Partner Wishes You Knew: How much they still desire you yet they don’t want to put an additional burden on you. It makes them feel selfish to ask for physical affection. How unfair they think it is that this has happened to you both. Sometimes they can’t sleep because they’re so worried about […]

April 7, 2022

Dear Couple Navigating Intimacy & Chronic Illness