If you’ve ever felt like you had to keep a part of yourself hidden, you are safe with me. As we work together toward your most authentic self, you can expect to be received with warmth, curiosity, openness, and humor. I may gently point out (positive and not-so-positive) patterns that you may be nurturing and always approach you with a passion for understanding — never judgment.

Either way, I'm here to support you.

Sometimes life throws kinks our way. Other times, we choose to make life a little kinky!

Healer Experiencing "The Dark Night of The Soul"

Chronic Illness & Intimacy Challenges

Existential Crisis or Loss of Meaning

Gender and/or Sexual Identity Exploration

Non-Traditional Relationship Styles

Coming Out Later in Life

Have you ever felt fragmented because there were pieces of yourself that you’ve kept in the shadows? Or that they were too heavy a burden to share with others? If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Let’s bring them into the light:

I’m a queer Latina and have my own lived experience with chronic illness, sexual identity exploration and integration, coming out later in life, and parenting two LGBTQIA+ children.

This is a practice with reverence for:
 -LGBTQIA+ & BIPOC identities
 -Kink, Polyamory & BDSM
 -Sex Workers
 -Older Adults
 -Folx with Disabilities
 -All Gender & Sexual Identities

I would be honored to hear your story. Let’s start your healing journey today.

My practice is safe and affirming for people of all marginalized identities & non-traditional relationship configurations.   

Do You Still Have Questions or Want to Learn More?

Existential Therapy

Solution Focused

Gottman Method

Sex Positive Therapy

I offer individual and partners therapy using approaches designed to reflect your unique lived experiences: