A comma has the power to exclude information, but — more importantly — to include, expand, and embrace.

Love Applied Counseling embraces love in all of its forms:

What's the power of a comma?

The Meaning of LOVE, APPLIED. 

Love in the Midst of Existential Crises

Love As Embodied Beings

Current Models of Love

Love In Our Families of Origin

How to Be Loving

Nitty Gritty Couples Work

Making Love

Love In Non-Traditional Relationships

Daily Practice of Love

Love & Chronic Illness

GENDER / Sexual Identity & Love

Self Love

Beyond a symbol of lovers entwined, the Eternal Lovers represent fertility and equality, which was of central importance to the Taíno people, who shared their resources equally for the benefit of all.

I believe love is an essential resource that ALL people deserve access to, and my work through Love Applied is grounded in this principle of inclusivity and equity.

The Love Applied bird’s head, eye, and body are all built using the comma, joining its implicit inclusivity with the Eternal Lovers symbolism of the Taíno culture, indigenous to the Dominican Republic, where my origin story began.

Love Applied’s brand design reflects this expansive, inclusive view of love. 

Are you looking for a brand design that reflects your uniqueness? EMARIE DESIGN is here for you!

Does this design resonate with you? I  know my practice will, too!